The Wayne County Skywarn Net operates on 147.210+MHZ. When the net is activated, the repeater is usually placed in weather mode with the courtesy tone of "W" in code. This net covers Wayne and Holmes Counties.

The repeater located in Doylestown 147.390 covers NE Wayne, SE Medina and SW Summit counties.

Net Activation: - The net is activated when severe weather is approaching Wayne County. This notification is normally received from the National Weather Service (NWS), Cleveland, via pager or through the 6m backbone and "District Net".

Sever weather information is transmitted from NWS to Wayne County Net Controller through the 6m backbone network to the district net. If the warning is for Holmes County, the net controller makes the announcement on the local weather net and then makes the same announcement on the 146.670 Holmes County Repeater.

The net controller normally monitors the 6m backbone and copies traffic direct and verify receipt of traffic with the District Net Controller.

County net control processes all communications to NWS through the district net.

Net control - can be any Skywarn trained individual who happens to be available. The Net Controller will place the repeater into weather mode, activate the net, takes check-ins from amateur radio operators and Skywarn Spotters. Receives severe weather information from NWA via to the district net and makes the announcement on the local net. The net controller also receives weather related information and damage reports from Skywarn Spotters. This information is then relayed to NWS Cleveland via the District Net.

Weather information and damage reports are documented by net control to include time, location, and weather condition / damage report and call sign of spotter

Stan Kinney
Wayne County Skywarn