By Laws


It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the constitution, the By-Laws of the Club and Robert’s Rules of Order and have the same at every meeting. The secretary shall cause all amendments, changes, and additions to be noted thereon and shall permit the same to be consulted by members upon request.


The club treasurer shall maintain a $25 cash fund for unforeseen club expenses. Disbursements must be brought before the membership and be approved at the next scheduled meeting, by the membership.


Applications for membership shall be submitted at a regular meeting. Each applicant must express a willingness to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws and other rules promulgated by the Club and obtain their amateur license within one year. Two-thirds of those members present shall approve the applicant before he/she shall be considered elected to membership.

A paid-up Life Membership in the Wayne Amateur Radio Club shall be available to any licensed member, upon payment of a fee twenty-five times the annual dues rate and upon the approval of the WARC Executive Committee. The payment (currently $425.00) is a onetime payment upon the approval of the application (see Article II, Sec. 1). Membership will begin upon the expiration of present membership or upon new member application. Family Life membership is not financially feasible and will not be considered.

NOTE: Annual family membership pertains to additional family members of the same household, providing one member has paid the annual or lifetime fee.

Life memberships are non-transferable and dues payments are non-refundable. However, upon the death of a life member, membership may pass to the original surviving spouse upon request, if he or she is a family member and licensed at the time of the life members death.

The payment will be put into a CD or savings account in the clubs name. The life members annual assessment will be paid from the annual interest received. Upon the death of the life member, the CD or savings account funds will be transferred to the club's general fund unless the membership was transferred to a spouse. The life member must remain licensed to retain his/her voting privileges.

Honorary life membership may be granted for an individual. Applications shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for review prior approval by the membership at the annual business meeting.


Regular meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of each month at such place and time as the President shall order. Special meetings may be called by the president upon written request of any five Club members. Notice shall be sent to members concerning special meetings and business to be transacted. Only such business as designated shall be transacted. Such notices shall be so sent that in the ordinary postal delivery they arrive not less than 24-hours before meeting time.


Annual dues assessed each year, as of the January meeting, shall be $17.00 per member. Family membership is $1.00 per additional licensed amateur of a household. Student membership shall be $5.00 per year or $1.00 if qualified for family membership.  Student membership is limited to persons up to and including 12th grade and age 18 or under.

Note: Annual family membership pertains to additional family members of the same household, providing one member has paid the annual or lifetime fee.

Note: Only Tech and above licensees will receive the repeater access codes.

The term of assessment is January 1 through December 31. The assessment is due by the first regularly scheduled meeting during January of the New Year to retain voting member privileges.


The Executive Committee may solicit members to fill the following positions:

Program Chairman - shall be responsible for scheduling programs for monthly meetings.

Operating Activities Chairman - shall be responsible for Club nets, Club-sponsored Field Day participation, Club contests, and any other operating activities the Club may desire.

Public Relations Chairman - shall be responsible for public relation between the amateur Club and the local communities.

The Trustee - shall be charged with the responsibility of caring for the physical property of the club, operation of the Clubs repeaters, be responsible for keeping records of all Club-owned real and personal property. This will include inventory, disposition, acquisition and location records of all said property.  These records shall be available for examination on demand.

A normal operation budget of $300 per year will be given to the Trustee for Repair of the Club equipment without prior approval of the Executive Committee and this amount must be reapproved by the Executive Committee when exhausted. Documentation must be provided for all expenditures.

The Emergency Coordinator – is the liaison with ARES, RACES, Local Emergency Management Agency (EMA), Red Cross and other local and county government agencies.

Newsletter Editor - Will publish the club newsletter quarterly or as required.


A member may be expelled from membership in the Club in the following manner.

1. Proposed expulsion of a member shall be openly discussed at a regular or special meeting and the reason for expulsion explained.

2. The Executive Committee shall notify the affected member at least seven days in advance of the next regular scheduled meeting, at which time a vote of the members will be taken.


A nominating committee shall be solicited during the October meeting to present a slate of officers at the November meeting to be voted on at the December meeting.

As of January 16, 2003


Stan Walker, KE8X


Stan Kinney, N8RNK

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